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Totally Well Podcast - Joyce Strong - Episode 130 - Chris Yonker - Executive Coach

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Totally Well Podcast - Joyce Strong - Episode 130 - Chris Yonker - Executive Coach

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My guest in this episode of Totally Well Podcast is Chris Yonker, Executive Coach

About Chris Yonker

As a thought-leader in Executive Leadership and an advocate for high net worth family-owned business, CHRIS YONKER embraces a uniquely collaborative and experiential approach to professional and personal development. Having worked with Fortune 100 companies, passionate entrepreneurs, top sales professionals, and well-known celebrities, Chris’ proprietary practice is well-proven for every type of personal and professional ambition. He has spent over 20 years studying human potential, absorbing the best from the highest advisers and teachers in the world, investing tens of thousands of dollars in his own education.

Putting these lessons to work in his own life, he climbed the sales ladder at a Fortune 500 company to become a top performer, sales leader, and trainer (and is currently working in an advisory role). Chris is the real deal – he has the business acumen, the business experience, and the business results that stand out. In his work with wealthy families and senior executives, Chris is masterful at creating a high level of trust, which leads to extraordinary outcomes for his clients, both in business and in life. By aligning natural abilities with core values, he is able to help them define improvement initiatives, set realistic goals and use newfound strategies to achieve them.

Chris has found the passion to help others to find their own peace, happiness, and fulfillment and unprecedented levels of success in their own personal and professional lives. He works to be a catalyst for helping people find their truth, transmuting their greatest difficulties into their most powerful assets. His approach uses powerful tools from various teaching practices, including leadership principles, martial arts, spiritual awareness, and NLP.

As a highly sought-after speaker, Executive Coach, and Business Consultant, Chris’s programs are engineered to meet your demands and exceed your expectations. Chris is a regular contributor to the Coaches Council at and his book Soul Intention is available on Amazon.

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